Case Studies

We have helped hundreds of businesses reach their customers to improve their sales leads and raise awareness in their marketplace.

See the examples of how we have done this for companies like yours:

XLVets Case Study

XLVets wanted to promote their FarmSkills courses to a large but targeted agricultural audience to generate new business leads. Through our Product Update email service, they generated over 160 new leads...Read more »



Hair Dazzle Case Study

Hair Dazzle had a new product launching into the UK. They wanted to raise their brand and attract salons into stocking their products. By sending two tailored emails, they made a significant impact on their targeted audience of 12,500 hair salon professionals and generated a big interest in their market...Read more »



L'ANZA Case Study

L'ANZA wanted to promote the launch of their new Keratin Healing Oil and generate new business leads for their UK sales team. With our HJi e-newsletter they reached over 12,500 professionals and by combining it with our product update they generated over 380 leads...Read more »



Hay Group Case Study

Hay Group's wanted to raise awareness and generate strong leads for a new suite of HR tools and protocols. To achieve this they ran a combination of adverts and bespoke emails to generate awareness amongst a target audience of 84,000 HR professionals and acquired close to 700 leads...Read more »