Lead generation

Generate leads:

You can generate relevant leads for your business using our online data capture form as part of your campaign. The data capture form works with your email(s) to collect the contact details of customers who are interested in your product or service and have chosen to submit their details. These are then sent to you by your Account Manager for your sales team to follow up.

You will gain information, such as contact details, when they are looking to purchase, what sector they work in and what region they are based in.

Data capture form overview:

  • We attach a free of charge form to your advert
  • Reader clicks on your advert and is directed to our form which pre-populates with their contact details
  • Reader has the opportunity to submit their details to you via us
  • We provide the leads back to you for you to follow up
  • A strong call to action/incentive must be used to generate a healthy number of leads
  • On average 1 in 3 clicks becomes a lead

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