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“This was our first Bespoke E-newsletter with Farmers Weekly and it went exceptionally well. We had excellent response with a high level of clicks through to our website as well as a strong number of leads”

FarmSkills Team, XL Vets

“We have been delighted with the response that we got from this e-shot - it's definitely the most up to date and convenient way to convey our message to a key target audience!”

Marketing Team, L'ANZA

“HJi offered the ability to communicate our new product to the salon industry. We were very happy with the response our campaigns received. The team at HJi are professional and provide a good service in terms of the campaign design and reporting of results.”

Hair Dazzle

“Personnel Today is excellent for targeting a genuinely interested and extended HR audience. We have had some great campaign results this year. They are hugely interested in gaining good exposure for their clients'!”

Hay Group